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Chapter 12

Real Life Impacts of Listeria Infection

Listeria infection often results in death among elderly populations and stillbirth, miscarriage or premature delivery among pregnant women.

Because Listeria infection is most severe in elderly persons, pregnant women and newborns, the symptoms of infection vary greatly.

In older adults or immunocompromised individuals, septicemia (Listeria bacteria in the blood stream) and meningitis are the most common indicators of illness.

In pregnant women, a mild, flu-like illness can be followed by miscarriage, premature delivery or stillbirth. In newborns, bacteremia (Listeria bacteria in the blood stream) and meningitis are the most common indicators of Listeria infection.

Several families whose lives were altered when they lost a loved one to Listeria infection have shared their stories here. All were victims of the 2012 Listeria outbreak traced to contaminated Jensen Farms cantaloupes.

Dr. Michael Hauser succumbed after a devastating Listeria infection he also contracted from Jensen Farms cantaloupe.

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